Table Joy collection is the result of the collaboration between uncle and nephew, sharing the way they bring out the meaning of objects. A creative confrontation where similarities as by differences are highlighted.

Aldo and Matteo both love designing objects that have seemingly existed forever and come down to us across the chasm of time and fashions.

Aldo Cibic's tableware designs are an upbeat, vividly coloured and ever so slightly radical family of products. Vases, bowls, cake stands and carafes come in a marvellous medley of colours, shapes and materials meant to be mixed and matched.

The lines between form and function become blurred as a timeless child-like language morphs into high class design.

Matteo Cibic's weird and wonderful glass creatures appear to be inspired by some otherworldly menagerie. The table is a stage and occupying the limelight are a host of delightful animal shapes. Vases, bowls and carafes take on a life of their own, floating weightlessly like jelly-fish or turning into amiable animals. Again, form and function merge into an enchanting blend, to create a table setting of irresistibly delightful distinction.